Business ADSL 6.0 Mbps
Static IP Service

$80.00 / Month





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·         Download Speed: 3.0 Mbps - 6.0 Mbps

·         Upload Speed: 512 Kbps - 768 Kbps

·         Up to 4 Static IP Addresses

·         Up to 10 email accounts with Anti-Spam Message Center Access (More Info)

·         Up to 5 email aliases per email account ( ->

·         Per email account storage: 200mb

·         250mb of server storage (

·         2GB of hosting bandwidth

·         1 unlimited Dialup Access Account

·         Telephone Technical Support

·         Email Technical Support

Service Terms

All Attitude Online accounts are subject to the Attitude Online Acceptable Use Policy. The use of Attitude Online’s service indicates acceptance of these terms. By ordering DSL service, you also agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

ADSL service is only available in the SBC/AT&T service area. Attitude Online will verify your SBC/AT&T phone service type after the installation. Customers found to have SBC/AT&T business phone service will be charged business DSL rates. DSL service is provided on a one year term basis. Discontinuing DSL service prior to the end of this one-year term will result in an early termination fee of $200.00 or the remaining balance of normal payments for the term, whichever is less.

After the initial one-year term, service is on a month-to-month basis. Customer must provide and maintain a valid credit card number for the duration of the one-year term. Applicable fees will be charged to this account in the event of early termination. After the one-year term, pricing reverts to the then current price. Any applicable taxes, telecommunications surcharges or other governmental charges are the customer's sole responsibility. All circuits are subject to a Federal Universal Service Recovery Fee. You must be over 18 years of age to order DSL service.

Equipment for DSL Line Sharing circuits provided by Attitude Online has a one-time cost of $99.95 for a wireless router, $99.99 for installation, plus applicable sales tax. If, for reasons beyond the control of the customer, Attitude Online is unable to provide a DSL circuit, we will accept returned equipment in new condition.

Actual data transfer rates may vary as measured between NID at customer's location and the DSL-equipped Central Office or Remote Terminal, dependant upon several factors including line quality and loop length. Minimum service speeds are subject to 10%-20% protocol overhead. Actual transfer rates above 80% of the listed minimum transfer rate will be considered acceptable. Attitude Online makes no guarantees regarding the availability of DSL until service is established.

Attitude Online will not be responsible for outages that it is not notified about by the customer. Customer must be available for troubleshooting and connection setup. Customer has sole responsibility for any local network infrastructure at the installation premises.

Circuit will be assigned a single IP dynamically via DHCP, unless static IP service is selected.